"Supreme Audit Institution Of India"

Functional Group


Sh. Dr.Surendra Kumar (IA&AS),Sr. Dy. Accountant General

Overview of the Wing

     The Economic Sector (Non-PSUs), erstwhile known as the Works Audit Wing is presently composed of four Sections (i) Headquarter Section (ii) CASS-I (Central Audit Supporting Section-I (iii) Central Audit Supporting Section-II (CASS-II) & (iv) Draft Paragraph Cell (DP-Cell). Each of these sections is supervised by an Assistant Audit Officer.These sections are under the charge of the three Sr. Audit Officer posted at Headquarter. The sector is under the overall control of a Sr.Deputy Accountant General/Deputy Accountant General who is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of various sections of the sector.


    The functions and responsibilities of the Economic Sector (Non-PSUs) is to conduct the audits of major Government projects/flagship schemes and audit of those departments and autonomous bodies under Government of Punjab which pertain to economic activity of the government, viz.Public Works Department (Bridges & Roads), Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries & Dairy Development , Industries and Commerce , Co-operation, Agriculture, Tourism, Planning , Economic & Statistics, Soil and Water Conservation, Civil Aviation Department, Punjab Mandi Board (PMB), Guru Angad Dev Veterinary Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana; Punjab Live Stock Development Board (PLDB), Punjab Energy Development Authority (PEDA), Punjab Agriculture University(PAU), Ludhiana and Punjab Heritage Tourism Promotion Board (PHTPB).

    The Headquarters Section deals with Annual Audit Planning and executing the same as per the approved quarterly tour programmes of the Audit Teams. All other periodical reports and returns and allied work allotted to the wing. After the completion of the Compliance Audit of allotted departments, the Audit and Inspection Reports are vetted in CASS-I and CASS-II Sections and issued to the respective departments. Draft Para Cell (DP Cell) processes the cases of serious irregularities noticed during the audit for further onward submission to Civil Report Section for inclusion in the Audit Reports of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The DP Cell also deals with the matters relating to Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The Draft reports on the Performance Audit / Thematic Audit are vetted in the DP Cell for onwards submission to Report Section (Civil) for inclusion in the Audit Reports of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.