"Supreme Audit Institution Of India"

Functional Group


Shri Deepak Dhingra, Welfare Officer

Overview of the Wing

    The Welfare Section is headed by a Welfare Officer. Presently he is being assisted by an Assistant Audit Officer, a Welfare Assistant, two Sr. Auditors and one Data Entry Operator. This section shoulders the responsibility of the overall well-being of the office and the entire office staff. The Welfare Section performs such duties and fulfils those responsibilities that ensure improvement in the working conditions. This further aims to the efficient performance and high morale of the staff and brings in a professionally cordial atmosphere at work. The Welfare Officer in particular plays a role to establish a feeling of confidence amongst staff and invests in energy to promote internal & external goodwill. This section looks into comprehensive welfare through diversified coordinated activities and plays a vital role for bringing in work-life balance, good health & fitness, liaising & hospitality, environment conservation and social harmony.

Duties & Functions

  1. Issuing of ID cards and advising them in their initial phase as required.
  2. To advise on provisions and maintaining amenities & welfare facilities in the office building i.e. encouraging provision of adequate sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, overall hygiene, common room for women employees, creches in office building for the benefit of working parents and the like.
  3. Personal verification of wards of deceased employees who are applying for the job on compassionate grounds.
  4. To advise on quality food and smooth functioning of the departmental cafeteria.
  5. To maintain and encourage the use of recreation room cum gym for health & fitness of the members of the staff and provide for indoor / outdoor sports including the tournaments assigned.
  6. To organise regular social & cultural activities amongst the members of the staff for strengthening the social bonds and break the monotony at work place.
  7. Liaising for the officers of the Headquarter on their visit to Chandigarh including their lodging and boarding arrangements.
  8. Celebrating special days of national and international significance (e.g. Republic Day, Independence Day, International Yoga Day, World Environment Day, etc.) to sustain the importance of these special days and inculcate patriotism towards country and the planet earth at large.
  9. Space management & its provision to conduct in-house trainings, seminars, cultural events and various departmental exams (SAS Preliminary & DCT Exams) for continuous capacity development of the officers and officials.
  10. Conducting camps like Blood Donation Camp, Yoga Camp, meditation camps, Health & Dental Check-up, etc. for the overall well-being of the members of the staff.
  11. Plantation of trees in office premises and at the Audit Pool Colony (Residential staff quarters) in realisation of our responsibility towards environmental protection.
  12. Any other issue related to the welfare of the office and the office staff members.