"Supreme Audit Institution Of India"

Organizational Setup.

Principal Accountant General (Audit) Punjab, Chandigarh.

On behalf of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the Pr.Accountant General (Audit) Punjab, Chandigarh audits:

  • receipts and expenditure of all the departments, government undertakings, companies, corporations and autonomous entities of the government of Punjab
  • expenditure and receipts of central government entities located in Punjab and Chandigarh other than central government companies and corporations
  • inter-state entities such as the Bhakra Beas Management Board
  • Based on the nature of entities to be audited, the work of the office has been divided into eight groups.

    Each group is headed by a group officer designated as either Senior Deputy Accountant General or Deputy Accountant General.

    The Principal Accountant General is an officer of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service of the level of Additional Secretary in the Government of India.

    The group officers are usually officers of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service who report directly to the Principal Accountant General. All Senior Audit Officers and Audit Officers report to the group officers.

    However, Senior Audit Officers in charge of processing significant audit findings, coordinating value for money audits and carrying out internal audit of the office report directly to the Principal Accountant General.

    The main functional Sectors (other than Senior Audit Officers working directly with the Principal Accountant General) are as follows:

    General Sector
    Social Sector I
    Social Sector II
    Economic Sector (PSU)
    Economic Sector (Non PSU)
    Revenue Sector

    Organizational Setup

    Organizational Setup