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1. Organizational setup.

Accountant General (A&E) Punjab & U.T., Chandigarh is entrusted with the maintenance of Accounts and entitlement functions of Punjab State and U.T. Chandigarh. The Accountant General (A&E) Punjab is assisted by three Deputy Accountant’s General for proper functioning of the Administration, Accounts and Entitlement Wing.

A) Officers and their phone numbers:

Name Designation Phone No.s
Mr. Faisal Imam Accountant General (A&E) Punjab & U.T. (Chandigarh), Chandigarh. 0172-2704169, 2703270
Ms. Aswathy V.S Sr. Deputy Accountant General (Administration & CPIO) 0172-2702272, 2703110
Ms. Aswathy V.S Sr. Deputy Accountant General (Pension(Additional Charge)) 0172-2704037
Mr. K S Narasimha Prasad Deputy Accountant General (Accounts & VLC; UT Sub Office(Additional Charge) )


B) Functions & Duties:

The officers and the staff of the office of Accountant General (A&E) Punjab & U.T., Chandigarh are entrusted with the following functions & duties:-

  • Maintenance and submission of monthly State Civil Accounts to the Finance Department of Govt. of Punjab.
  • Preparation of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts abd their submission to the Governor of Punjab for presenting these documents to the State Legislature.
  • Submission of material for preperation of Union Finance Account to the Controller General of Accounts, Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance in respect of Union Territory, Admn. Chandigarh.
  • Entitlement function relating to the issue of Pay slips to the Governor, the Minister and members of State Legislative Assembly.
  • Maintenance of Accounts and issue of no dues certificate in the case of long term advances taken by State Govt. Employees.
  • Maintenance of detailed Account of loans given to local bodies/statutory corporations by the State Government.
  • Authorization of pension and other retirement benefits to the retiring State Govt. Employees.
  • Authorization of pension and other retirement benefits to the retiring IA & AD Central Govt. Employees.
  • Treasury Inspection and preperation of Annual Review on Inspection of Treasuries.
  • Authorization of pension and other retirement benefits to the retiring employees of U.T. Administration, Chandigarh.
  • Grants and loans given by Government to Bodies and Authorities for specific purposes.
  • Authorization of pension and other retirement benefits to the judges of the High Court for the States of Punjab and Haryana and its employees.
  • Maintenance of G.P. Fund Accounts relating to employees of U.T. Administration Chandigarh.

2. Distribution of work amongst officers.

A.G’s direct charge Sr. D.A.G. (Admn.) D.A.G. (Pension) Sr. D.A.G. (Accounts & VLC) Welfare Officer
AG's Secritariat
Internal Test Audit
Organization & Mehod
Complaint Cell Grievance Redressal Cell (Suvidha Kenra).
Pay & Accounts Office,
Legal Cell, CRT, Hindi Cell, U.T. Sub-office (Admn. & Pension Funds)
Pension Reporting Sections
EDP (Pension)
Pension Record Branch
Pension Court Cell.
Treasury Misc.
Departmental Compilation Sections, Book Section, Budget & Appropriation, Account Current, Works Account, EDP(Main), EDP(VLC), Deposit Section, Loan Section, U.T. (Accounts) Works Admn.,
In house Training Cell,
CFRA Cell,
GPF Broad Sheet Section
PRI Cell
Welfare Section.
Deptt. Canteen

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3. Procedure followed in the decision making process.

The following categories of employees exist in the order of heirachy.

Designation Scale of pay Men in position
Pay Band Grade Pay Main Office U.T.
Clerk (Group 'C') 5200-20200 1900 16 2
Data Entry Operator (Group 'C') 5200-20200 2400 21 6
Accountant (Group 'C') 5200-20200 2800 60 7
Sr. Accountant (Group 'C') 9300-34800 4200 256 36
Supervisor/ Asstt. Accounts Officer (Adhoc) 9300-34800 4800 2 1
Asstt. Accounts Officer (Group 'B' Gazetted) 9300-34800 4800 69 7
Accounts Officer (Group 'B' Gazetted) 9300-34800 5400 7 2
Sr. Accounts Officer (Group 'B' Gazetted) 9300-34800 5400 19 -
Deputy Accountant General/ Welfare Officer (Group 'A' Gazetted) 15600-39100 6600 3 -
Sr. Deputy Accountant General/ Welfare Officer (Group 'A' Gazetted) 15600-39100 7600 - -
Sr. Deputy Accountant General/ Welfare Officer (Group 'A' Gazetted) (Selection Grade) 37400-67000 8700 - -
Accountant General (Group 'A' Gazetted) 37400-67000 10000 1 -

Every employee is accountable to his/her senior officer in the discharge of his functions/duties. The officers of the rank of D.A.G./Sr. D.A.G./A.G. are decision making authorities.

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4. Norms Set

The various functions assigned to the office of the A.G. (A&E) Punjab, Chandigarh are discharged within the stipulated time prescribed for each job/function. The office follows the norms prescribed in departmental manuals in the discharge of its functions/Duties

5. The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it.

The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and other records to be used by the employees for the discharge of their functions are readily available in the office for perusal. Some of these records are listed below:-

  • F.R. & S.R.
  • Pension Rules 1972
  • C.C.S. (C.C.A.) Rules
  • C.C.S. (Conduct) Rules
  • C.C.S. (Leave) Rules 1972
  • Govt. Accounting Rule 1990
  • General Financial Rules
  • Central Treasury Rules etc. and other local manuals
  • Punjab C.S.R. Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III
  • Punjab Financial Rules Vol. I & Vol. II
  • Punjab Budget Manual
  • Punjab Treasury Rules, Vol. I & Vol. II

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6. Categories of Documents

The statement of the categories of documents held by this office and under its control is detailed below:-

A. Accounts Wing


  •    Vouchers with supporting documents like sanctions etc.
  •    Compilation sheets
  •    Classified Abstracts
  •    Consolidated Abstracts
  •    G.I.A. registers/Utilization Certificates
  •    T.E. Register
  •    Loan Broadsheet

Accounts Current

  •    Clearance Memos
  •    Register of Valuables
  •    Inward-outward Register
  •    Advice Memos
  •    Classified Abstracts


  •    Detailed Book Part I & II
  •    Abstracts of Major Head Totals
  •    Disburses Account
  •    Consolidated Abstract of DDR
  •    G.T.E. Ledger
  •    Finance Accounts
  •    Review of Balance (Main)

B. G.P.F.

  •    Schedules with covering list
  •    Ledgers/Broadsheet
  •    GPF Master Cards, Payment Vouchers (In case of U.T. Sub Office only)


  •    Input sheets
  •    Pension Abstracts
  •    PPO's, GPO, Communication registers
  •    Special seal authority cases
  •    Freedom Fighter pension cases

D. Miscellaneous

  •    Annual Treasury Review
  •    Annual Forest Divisions Review
  •    Annual Works Divisions Review
  •    Activity Report
  •    Administrative Report.

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7. Grievance redressal arrangements.

A grievances redressal cell (Suvidha Kendra) is functioning in the office which redresses the complaints/representations of Public in relation to their personal claims etc.

8. Directory of officers and employees.

A directory of officers and employees (Gradation list) of the office of A.G. (A&E) Punjab, and U.T.Chandigarh is prepared every year and can be seen in the office. Such list is however, may not be treated as a seniority list.

9. The monthly remuneration.

The monthly remuneration to officers and staff of the office of the A.G. (A&E) Punjab, Chandigarh is made as per scales of pay granted by the Central Govt., number of persons in each category is given in Col. III of Para 3.

10. Budget & Budgetry control.

The information regarding Budget Provision and Expenditure there against is available in the Administrative Report.

11. Information available to or held by it, reduced in an Electronic Form.

The above information/facility in the form of C.D., Floppy and Internet/Website is available in the office of the A.G. (A&E) Punjab, Chandigarh.

12. Facilities available to citizens for obtaining information.

Facility for obtaining information by citizens is available through internet/website www.agpunjab.gov.in/html/functions.htm. Under RTI Act, 2005, the information may be obtained on payment of prescribed fee either in cash or demand draft or banker cheque payable to the Pay & Accounts Officer, Office of the Accountant General (A&E) Punjab, Chandigarh.

13. The Public Information Officer.

Ms. Aswathy V.S, Senior Deputy Accountant General (Admn.) has been appointed as Central Public Information Officer in the office of the A.G. (A&E) Punjab & U.T., Chandigarh and he can be contacted at Phone No. 0172-2702272, (Res. 0172-2230146).

14. Mode of Payment of Fees.

- Through Indian Postal Order/Demand Draft/Cash

- Payable in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer, Office of the Accountant General (A&E), Punjab, Chandigarh.

15. Name of Appellate Authority.

Mr. Faisal Imam, IA&AS.

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